The Market Conduct Annual Statement (MCAS) was developed in 2002 to provide regulators with a uniform system of collecting market-related information to help states monitor the market conduct of companies. This allows regulators to identify concerns regarding claims and underwriting. MCAS ratios were developed to provide more meaningful comparisons between companies than the raw data allowed. Participating states agreed upon and published a set of common definitions organized by line of business to prevent different data definitions from one state to the next.

A company can gain a better understanding of where they fit in the insurance marketplace and what opportunities may exist to improve its performance in a jurisdiction by comparing its jurisdiction-specific ratios to the scorecard for that jurisdiction. The scorecard allows companies to compare their specific results to the rest of the industry for a particular line of business. Each year, the most recent scorecards for all participating MCAS jurisdictions are made available on the NAIC MCAS Web page via a link to the Contacts and Scorecards:
Montana Annual Statement Scorecard Report

The CSI regularly examines the business practices of insurance companies and insurance producers. Such examinations are standard practice of insurance regulators in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the five U.S. territories and help to ensure the insurance market is fair to both consumers and competitors. These examinations focus on marketing, advertising, policyholder services, underwriting, rating, and claims practices.

In Montana, market conduct examination reports are public records. You will find them posted in the table below or you can obtain a copy by calling our office at 406.444.2040 or 800.332.6148.

Market Conduct Examination Reports

wdt_ID Date Company PDF File
1 04/18/2016 Allegiance Life and Health Insurance Company Market Conduct Exam
2 12/31/2014 Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Company Re-Examination and Order
3 05/31/2011 Flathead Farm Mutual Insurance Company Re-Examination and Order
4 12/31/2010 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana
5 12/31/2009 Cascade Farmers Mutual Insurance Company
6 12/31/2009 Flathead Farm Mutual Insurance Company
7 12/31/2009 Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company
8 12/31/2009 Richland Farm Mutual Insurance Company
9 12/31/2009 Wheat Growers Farm Mutual Insurance Company
10 12/31/2009 Lake County Farmers’ Mutual Insurance Company
Date Company PDF File