Legal Actions

The Office of the Montana State Auditor, Commissioner of Securities and Insurance has the authority to take legal action against violations of Montana Insurance Code and the Securities Act of Montana. Below are legal actions we have taken. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Securities Contact: Brett Olin at (406) 444-4388
Insurance Contact: Brandy Morrison at (406) 444-1942

Agent for Service of Process
ATTENTION ALL FOREIGN AND ALIEN INSURERS:  Pursuant to House Bill 65, the Commissioner of Securities and Insurance is no longer your registered agent for service of process. More information and the new requirements are available here.

Notice to Montanans viewing this page for more information about monetary restitution related to litigation involving short-term medical insurance:

Please see THIS DOCUMENT for additional information. To apply for restitution, follow the instructions contained in the letter you received. Documents related to this case can be also found in the “Insurance Legal Actions” table below on this webpage, under case number INS-2015-348.

Securities Legal Actions

Insurance Legal Actions

ID Type Year In the matter of: Case Number Document Type URL PDF
2 Insurance 2002 Buck Consultants INS-2002-27 Consent Agreement /wp-content/uploads/INS-2002-27-CA.pdf View File
3 Insurance 2002 Fortis Insurance Company INS-2002-50 Consent Agreement & Final Order /wp-content/uploads/INS-2002-50-CAFO.pdf View File
4 Insurance 2002 Georgia and Southland Life Insurance Company Regulatory Settlement Agreement /wp-content/uploads/INS-202-GSLIC-RSA.pdf View File
5 Insurance 2002 James K. Sokolis INS-2002-24 Stipulated Agreement and Final Order /wp-content/uploads/INS-2002-24-SAFO.pdf View File
6 Insurance 2002 Max E. Small INS-2002-39 Propsed Agency Action /wp-content/uploads/INS-2002-39-PAA.pdf View File
7 Insurance 2002 Montana Benefits and Life Company BVD-2001-369 Order /wp-content/uploads/INS-2002-369-O.pdf View File
8 Insurance 2002 Paul Jara INS-2002-41 Content Agreement & Final Order /wp-content/uploads/INS-PJ-RSA.pdf View File
9 Insurance 2002 Paul Lybeck and Safeco Insurance Company of America INS-2002-08 Consent Agreement /wp-content/uploads/INS-2002-08-CA.pdf View File
10 Insurance 2002 Ronald D. Dague INS-2002-40 Consent Agreement & Final Order /wp-content/uploads/INS-2002-40-CAFO.pdf View File
11 Insurance 2002 Thomas S. Vandersloot INS-2002-16 Consent Agreement and Final Order /wp-content/uploads/INS-2002-16-CAFO.pdf View File