This program was passed by the 2019 Legislature and its purpose is to help stabilize rates in the individual health insurance market. The proposed changes will allow the program to be more efficiently administered.
With the passage of the No Surprises Act, state statutes need to be amended where necessary to be in line with the federal legislation.
In light of the No Surprises Act passage, this bill will amend statutes where necessary to be in line with the federal legislation.
Update continuing education statutes to allow for a more timely and consistent approval process, providing a better overall experience for agents.
Those of us who own pets know how important they can be in our daily lives. We also know pets can be expensive when they have an illness or injury. This act will protect consumers purchasing pet insurance by placing a framework around policies sold in this state.
Considering recent incidents across the state, this bill will allow the CSI to regulate certain aspects of the fugitive recovery process.
This bill will revise the cancellation of cabin site lease sale requirements. This will make the process fairer as well as meet our legal requirement to get the most revenue from these sales.
Recently we have seen an uptick in travel-related issues. This bill will help consumers who purchase Travel Insurance by creating a legal framework for its sale to Montanans.