Your Insurance

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Insurance protects the things that matter most.

Your family. Your health. Your home. Your financial independence. These are the things Montanans treasure.

Insurance can protect you from the unforeseen and help you recover from a setback. The Office of Montana Insurance Commissioner Matt Rosendale works to ensure that your insurance policies cover you as the terms of the contract requires and that your policies comply with the provisions of Montana insurance laws. We also make sure that insurance agents and companies are properly licensed and authorized to do business in Montana. We also educate Montanans about their insurance and intervene on behalf of Montanans who are having problems with their insurance companies. In the last six years, we have helped recover more than $35 million for Montana insurance consumers in unpaid claims and premium refunds.

Having trouble with your insurance company? Call us at 1-800-332-6148.

Last year, we answered 40,000 phone calls from Montanans like you.

Insurance is something almost everyone in Montana must purchase. Picking a plan and understanding how it works and what it should cost can be complicated. We review most insurance policies sold in our state before they go on the market — making sure every plan follows Montana law. That means we know the price and plan details of thousands of insurance policies and share that information with Montanans. We write shopping guides and price comparison booklets every year to help you know what you are buying — before you buy it.

In a confusing insurance marketplace, we are a voice you can trust.


Every Montana driver is required to carry insurance on their vehicle, no matter how old it is.
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We’re not experts on fire, but we do know insurance. We can help you make sure you are prepared before disaster strikes.
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Did you know most homeowner’s policies do not cover flood insurance? A separate flood insurance policy is required if your home is at risk.
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Finding the right health plan — and figuring out how to pay for it — can seem like the hardest part of staying healthy.
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For most of us, our home is our most expensive investment — and it pays to protect it.
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Long-Term Care

When most Montanans think about retirement, we think about how much money we’ll need to live on after we quit working. But sometimes income is only part of the picture.
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Everybody knows there’s something special about turning 65. For most of us, it’s when we qualify for Medicare.
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The Montana Medicaid program is a partnership between the state of Montana and the federal government to provide health care coverage for certain low-income Montanans.
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Renter’s insurance covers your belongings — even if you don’t own your home — and can help you replace your possessions in the event of a disaster or other loss.
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