Covid Test Requirement

 The Biden Administration is requiring private health plans and insurance companies to reimburse their members for the cost of over-the-counter rapid COVID tests. This new requirement means individuals with private health insurance can submit a claim to their insurance company for FDA-approved tests purchased by the member for at-home use.

Due to the limited supply of over-the-counter tests, please consider only buying the tests you need for your own use. This order may exacerbate the already pent-up demand and availability of rapid home tests – particularly to the uninsured.

If overused, this order may result in higher health insurance premiums. Over-the-counter tests are not inexpensive. Please consider only using what you need to make informed decisions to reduce transmission of the virus.

Still, the best way to limit the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the severity of symptoms is to get vaccinated.

If you have questions about the order or coverage of COVID testing by your insurance, contact the CSI at 444-2040 or go to”

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