Standard view: Downing is right on need for bounty-hunter reforms

FEBRUARY 22, 2022 We have been generally impressed by Troy Downing’s performance as state auditor and insurance commissioner. In his handling of multilevel sales companies, his backing of the federal No Surprises Act and outreach to healthcare consumers who could be helped by it, and his call for reforms of Montana’s cabin-site sale program are … Read more

Bail or Jail? Montana’s Wild West

MAY 24, 2022 Montana’s Wild West is alive and well as a rogue subset of bounty hunters who commit crimes and abuses against defendants on bail, their families, and the public. State law gives bondsmen unrestrained arrest powers leading some to employ dangerous tactics that threaten public safety and infringe on defendants’ rights. There is … Read more

Funding the American Dream

 JUNE 1, 2022 By Commissioner Troy Downing There is a lot of confusion about when an investment in a company becomes a “security” and what the legal requirements are once it does. If you and a friend or family member join forces to start a business, and you both invest money into that business, and … Read more

Should Kim Kardashian Be Your Financial Advisor?

 OCTOBER 13, 2022 By Commissioner Troy Downing Are social media denizens tricking you into making bad investment decisions where you lose, and they win? Social media influencers aren’t just dancing on TikTok or recording themselves playing video games. The rise of the unlicensed online “expert” sharing tips on investing, trading cryptocurrency, or how to get … Read more

A Win for Public Land Access, Hunters, and Agriculture

 OCTOBER 17, 2022 In 2019, WWII veteran Forrest Allen passed away, bequeathing 5,677 acres in Golden Valley County to the Shodair Children’s Hospital. Today, as a member of the Board of Land Commissioners, I was proud to vote in favor of purchasing this land for public use. The purchase, known as the Snowy Mountain Acquisition, … Read more

House Bill 379

 APRIL 28, 2021 “This is Commissioner Troy Downing. Last week, Governor Gianforte signed multiple pieces of legislation sponsored by our agency into law.  Among them was House bill 379, allowing insurance companies to use gender and marital status when pricing policies. Since 1985, Montana was the only state in the Nation that prohibited this practice … Read more

Elder Exploitation

 APRIL 28, 2021  “This is Commissioner Downing. In recognition of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, our agency is sponsoring a legislative study bill to better understand the extent of elder exploitation in our state and what can be done through education and statute to curb this growing issue.   What we already know is that … Read more

Comparative Negligence

 APRIL 28, 2021 “This is Commissioner Troy Downing. Have you ever been the victim of an automobile accident and had the other driver’s insurance company partially blame you for the accident and require you to pay part of the claim? Assigning liability levels to two or more parties involved in a traffic accident is called … Read more

Get Vaccinated

 MAY 5, 2021  “COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and the right thing to do.  This is Troy Downing, Commissioner of Securities and Insurance, the Montana State Auditor. Last week, I received my first COVID-19 vaccination. I’m asking you to join me in getting vaccinated – a positive step to get our lives and Montana’s economy … Read more

Multi-Level Marketing Companies

 MAY 11, 2021 Dozens of multi-level marketing companies operate in our State, but only around ten are properly filed with our agency. To simplify, a multi-level marketing company or MLM is a company where you sell products to a network of customers who also sell to their own customers. You get compensated with a part … Read more