No Surprises Act

Beginning January 1, physicians, hospitals, and air ambulances will no longer be able to “balance bill” patients for certain care outside of their insurance company’s network.  Surprise billing occurs when a patient receives care from a healthcare provider, often but not always in an emergency situation, outside of the patient’s current health plan network. In other … Read more

Displacement After Wildfire

Hundreds of Montanans have been displaced due to wildfire, sometimes forcing them to drive long distances, find hotel rooms, and purchase additional clothing and other life necessities. This is Insurance Commissioner Troy Downing. Most homeowners’ insurance policies cover living expenses associated with displacement due to wildfire. Make sure to keep receipts and document all costs … Read more

Insurance After the Fact is Illegal

“Purchasing Car Insurance After The Accident is Fraud and Often a Felony Purchasing car insurance from a smartphone is convenient. It takes just minutes to jump on the internet, get a quote, and purchase a policy. This doesn’t give license to purchase insurance “after the fact” and try to make an insurance claim. This is … Read more

St. Patty’s Day & the Cost of a DUI

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Before ordering your first green beer, make sure to plan a safe ride home. Driving under the influence is dangerous for all of us, and you may find yourself spending the night in jail. A DUI can lead to hefty fines, jail time, community service, and a revoked driver’s license. In … Read more

Spring Flooding

“With temperatures in the negatives across the state, it’s easy to forget that summer is around the corner. Warm spring and early summer temperatures mean two things in Montana: road construction and flooding. A homeowner’s insurance policy does not typically cover flood damage. Now is the time to evaluate your flood risk and consider purchasing … Read more Scheme

Our agency has settled a nationwide scheme perpetrated by affecting several Montanans ─ who collectively invested more than $2.9 million in precious metals. Our investigation alleged advised potential investors their current securities holdings were unsafe and risky and should be liquidated in order to be invested in precious metals. representatives also misled … Read more

Covid Test Requirement

 The Biden Administration is requiring private health plans and insurance companies to reimburse their members for the cost of over-the-counter rapid COVID tests. This new requirement means individuals with private health insurance can submit a claim to their insurance company for FDA-approved tests purchased by the member for at-home use. Due to the limited supply … Read more

Underinsured Homeowners Are At-Risk

 Your home may be underinsured, leaving you stuck paying tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in repair costs following loss or damage. Inflation, labor shortages, rising costs of building materials, and the supply chain breakdown may have contributed to large increases in the replacement cost of your home.  Recently, the Marshall Fire in Colorado … Read more