Christmas Tree Fire Prevention

This year’s unseasonably warm temperatures, low humidity, and low precipitation have led to devasting wildfires continuing unusually late into the winter months. As Christmas approaches, the risk of household fires grows greater as candles are lit, fireplaces are stoked, large meals are cooked, and, of course, the large tree in your living room begins to … Read more

Winter is Coming

“Winter is coming. This is the harbinger of holidays, celebrations, sledding, skiing, and, unfortunately, slick winter roads. Driving down a highway on a snowy day, we often see cars and trucks that have run off the road, slid into a ditch, or worse. My first thought is “I hope nobody was hurt” and my second … Read more

MLM Enforcement and Pyramid Schemes

“Five months ago, our agency put multi-level marketing companies (or MLMs) on notice that we will be taking enforcement action against those not following Montana law. Under our law, MLMs are required to be registered. This allows us to ensure these companies are not acting as illegal pyramid schemes and defrauding Montanans. A pyramid scheme … Read more

Vaccine Mandates

“There has been a drastic spike in Covid-19 cases across Montana. This increase is gaining momentum and is also happening across the Nation. Hospital beds are filling up, Healthcare Workers are being taxed and exhausted, and we are seeing an unfortunate rise in preventable deaths. This is Commissioner Troy Downing urging you to get vaccinated. … Read more

Flooding After Wildfire

“Rain across the State gives us a glimmer of hope that fire season is coming to an end and fall is quickly approaching. Wildfires may be dying down, but there is still risk of property damage due to severe flooding after wildfires. Wildfires can dramatically decrease the soil’s ability to absorb rainfall. As a result, … Read more

Unrepaired Damage in Buy/Sell Agreements

“Billings was recently ranked #1 as the fastest emerging housing market in the Nation. Last year home prices surged an average of 32%. This trend in rising housing costs is happening across the State, showing little sign of slowing. The competitive environment in the real estate market has increased pressure on quick closings. This pressure … Read more

Peer-to-Peer Car Rental

“We are seeing a Nationwide car rental shortage that is driving up prices and pushing down availability. The simple laws of supply and demand are coming into play, and as always, necessity is the mother of invention. This is Commissioner Troy Downing. The high costs and low availability of rental cars have led to increased … Read more

Rising Incidents of Insurance After the Fact

“Montana is experiencing an increasing trend in insurance fraud that is costing all of us by contributing to rising auto insurance rates. It’s called “insurance after the fact.” This is Insurance Commissioner and Montana State Auditor Troy Downing. Insurance after the fact occurs when a driver suffers loss or damage to their vehicle while it … Read more

Volunteer Firefighter Donation Drive

“Wildfire danger is at “extreme” levels. Governor Gianforte has declared a Statewide fire emergency. Firefighters have battled 1,400 wildfires that burned over 141,000 acres as of this week. This intense activity strains local, State, and federal resources, including Montana’s volunteer fire departments. This is Commissioner Troy Downing. This week, our agency is hosting a donation … Read more

Vaccination Laws

“The pandemic that cost so many jobs, time with friends, time with family, and peace of mind is beginning to wane. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) now states that those who are fully vaccinated may choose to go maskless, reduce social distancing, and return to their normal, everyday lives. But, let’s not lose sight … Read more